Tuesday, October 31, 2006

here u go...tick ker treat

Tonite is the haloween nite...we didnt take Ryan out trick or treating coz Kit thought Ryan is still young for that.
So we give out candies instead. At about 6 pm, Kit pour out the candies into the bowl and told Ryan to get ready to give out candies...
At that time RYan was still not sure what is going on. So both father and son getting ready and open the front door waiting for the kids to come and get their candies.

Some are cute and some didnt even dressed up! What was worst was...those teenagers...they dare to come out trick or treating... i thot this event is for little ones..
hmmm ...wonder!?

Anyway..what i am so surprise abt tonite was...Ryan actually had fun giving out candies to little ones..he even got exicted!
every kid he met at the door, he will say..tick ker treat...here u go... after he threw the candies into their bags..
how sweet! at first i was worried that he would not give out candies...u know kids...dun like to share..kinda thing..
but no..he was happy to give!
GOOD for u my dear boy!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Going very slow

Ai yo..i am taking my very sweet time to study biology...imagine..i just finish lesso 1 nya on the second book. See la..i got the heart to surf around but not studying...kekeke...i know i know... sigh..so sien man..
I dunno why..maybe dun really like studying during the weekend..u know when kit is around!

Guess what we did today? we already put up our first Xmas tree! I know ..halloween is not even here yet..(is tomorrow) but..who cares..i just wanna know whether i have enough ornaments or not..so i told kit to put up the tree..hehehe
Ryan help me to put on the ornaments..it looks great.. will snap pic later!

Today we get to sleep in one extra hour coz of daylight savings thingy.
anyway...make no difference ler..still got up at 8 plus.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"That's what you call independent study"

Now, who think that studying Biology independently is very challenging? please show ur hand!


sigh... i am having difficulties doing the biology subject here...that explains why i neglected my blog for so long!
Person like me, dun really understands science very well, *ahem ahem* really very chialat to handle biology...somemore no guide or whatsoever...except for internet google!
This morning i handed in my first book of biology, which i think i did it very badly...not sure i can pass or not for that book...sigh..double headache here...
i have planned to ask John, the english teacher... which i assumed he will be marking Biology as well, about how i can get help if i dun understand the subject or something...
the conversation goes like this :

Me: Biology is way tougher than English... how can i get help if i need some help?
John: Hhmmph....well, i dun think u can get any help...that is why they call independent study.
John: ur only help is internet.
Me: oke

what a bummer...what if i dun have internet access...chiak sai man.... (eat shit)
really tripple headache..and i am rushing this subject in order to send my nursing course application before feb1st

and guess what??! my in-laws will be back DEC 16th!!
reall can die or not?!

me really no comment here ...

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Stop it....sleep!

Yesterday nite Kit put Ryan to sleep in his own room. So, this morning abt 7 plus morning he woke up and came in to our room and fuss abt his wet diaper. Kit got up and change his diaper and carry him to our bed to join us. We didn't feel to get up yet coz it was cold downstairs and cozy in bed..hehehe..so, Ryan join us and lying in the midlle of the bed.
We were playing and goofing around and out of nowhere kit started to sing ...( kit is not a good singer..he sing out of tune) ..he sang twinkle twinkle little star..which is Ryan's fav... Before kit could sing the 3rd line...all of a sudden Ryan said this:

Stop it.... Sleep!

LOL!! we laugh till our stomachache..i have no idea where he learn that phrase eh...the thing is he knows when to use it!

he is getting funny lately! :)

I have to tell u..kit sang very badly...and the lyrics are all wrong one! hehehe no wonder Ryan has to say that sentence!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I have finished all units for English..and ready for the exam. Monday i handed in my last assignment for the last unit and wanted to schedule for my exam date but.... the teacher gave me the whole booklet of exam for me to bring home!

Walau..first time for me that i can do my exam at home and at my own pace. So cool! but of course i have to do it fast because i need to make some time for biology!
The exam got 22 questions...have to write plays, analysis..all the crap stuff la.. but i am getting there...i have finished 11 questions liao...half more to go!
Planned to hand in next tuesday! this weekend is thanksgiving weekend..whooohooo..holiday time for us! will go toronto to visit my aunt!

"Choco Mai"

We like to ask Ryan who buy the toys, snacks or chocolate and he will answer who bought it.

For example :

Me: Peen kor mai vromm vroom? (who bought vroom vroom (ryan's language for toy car))
Ryan: Daddy mai! (he will say it very loud daddy bought)

On Monday i have to hand in my assignment and we went for a bus ride again..wo hooo..ehehhe..and of course..he wanted to stop by at No Frills .. well, i need to do some grocery shopping too..so he wanted the Kinder Egg chocolate..inside the choc came with a toy.

So today i ask him
Me : peen kor mai choco? (who bought choco (chocaolate : ryan's version))
Ryan: Choco mai!
Me: ???!! confuse...
i asked him again
Me: peen kor mai choco?
Ryan : Mummy mai! then he showed me the toy the he got from the choco and he said
Ryan: CHoco Mai!

hahahhaa... so cute.... he doesn't understand the free gift terms..so he thought that chocolate bought the toy for him!
How innocent!