Thursday, June 07, 2007

Meh Yer...teng em tou

Ryan has learn new word again..well, it has been weeks that he uses this word.

Every time whenever i call him to do anything, he will said this.

The following happens weeks ago:

Ryan was playing computer games upstairs..

Me: Yau Zhen, chung leong ar...yeh la..fai teet (Ryan, bath time now, quick, is getting late now)

Ryan: Meh Yer? Teng em tou ar.. (What is it? I cannot hear u )

*** I am like beside him..and he told me that he cannot hear me?

He also has learn his communication skills ...i mean improve his English words..
Whenever he sees anyone pass by our window... he will say hi..and how are you ?

Today, as he sees Berta my another neighbor sweeping her yard...Ryan said the following

Ryan: Hi Berta! HOw are you? What you doing?

I was so impressed that he can talk so much in English...coz he converse more in Cantonese.
I am trying to teach him more English now... so that when he starts school next September, he won't be left out :)


mama bok said...

As you are trying to teach Ryan English.. i'm struggling to teach chloe chinese/cantonese.. ;) what a reverse role eh..??

G @ said...

ryan sure will automatically speak like ang moh canadian once he starts school, i like canadian accent! but i kno what u mean by preparing his eng. language to start school.

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: Hey Jan, yea i wish i am your that i can throw Ryan over to u for English lesson and I'll teach Chloe cantonese..kekekek

G: I really hope so but it will be difficult for him in the beginning if he doesn't learn now. Well, i guess he will have to learn how to survive! :)