Friday, June 30, 2006


Finally, here got hot and spicy KFC! They finally managed to came out this recipe huh...buttttttttttttttttttttt is not as tasty as the one in Malaysia.
Yup, we had KFC today . MIL treat one..not bad huh...coz i have been cooking for a week this week already..i guess she felt bad or just sick with my food..kekekkeke
i dun care long as i dun have to cook! :)

Didn't get to eat much though..just had 2 pieces...coz i am still sick eh..kekkekek.. still have a little bit cough.
This weekend is long weekend for us..coz tomorrow Jul 1st is CANADA DAY... something like merdeka kua..i have no idea..kekkeke pai seh
Cannot go anywhere yet..kit has to send his car for a fix....yea..since last tuesday he couldn't get an appoinment to fix his car till tomorrow.

well least we have a long can spend another day with Kit ;)

anyway..hope everyone will have a great weekend :)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

17-25th updates

I am back... from so called "vacation". Sigh, having bad luck lately eh... the 1 week vacation was not really good for us.
Well, the weekends was not bad..went to visit my aunt in toronto and of course Scarborough ..did some shopping overthere.
As for the weekdays, omigosh...we had the worst week ever!
Monday, we went to settle my school stuff..and i did't get it done and have to make an appointment that day to meet someone on Thursday to discuss abt my high school diploma from Malaysia assessment. That day FIL didn't get to work due to rain in the morning, so fetch him to update his driver's license..change of address.
At nite we managed to go for a movie...yippie..what a break! we haven't watch movie for moon ages eh...we watched CARS that nite and came back quite late too.. We had to watch the latest show coz need to wait Ryan fall asleep first b4 we can go out.

Tuesday, initially we planned to go Hilton Falls, but due to we came back late from the movie on Monday nite, we decided to go on Wednesday. We woke up quite late.. (7.30 am) and went to Gage park..nearby our house for a good walk.
Came back ..did some gardening at the backyard and ryan was having fun playing with the dirt.
Noon time... as usual he had his nap, and i did my chores and Kit played his games.
Abt 3 plus... RYan got fever and he developed seizure...
I can tell u... that moment was the worst moment ever for us... it was the first time Ryan had seizure... one minute he was okie..the next minute he was unconscious...i called 911 and the ambulance came.
At that time we weren't sure what's going on...and the paramedics attended Ryan with care...asked me lots of brain was total blanked..i wasn't sure i answered them correctly.
My heart raise soo fast that it will fall out...
I follow Ryan to hospital in the ambulance..kept calling his name..he was soo brave..i tell u..he did not cry... he was half conscious and half unconscious...there were soo many stuff on his body and nose...i dunno what those call...the stuff that monitor ur heart beat..
deep inside me i am sure he was very scared...
I try to keep him calm and secured...but he was too tired to cry or anything..

We arrived at the hospital around 4 pm..and the emergency nurse attended Ryan with Tylenol.. (fever medicine) check his pressure n stuff..
and asked me to wait for the doctor for final check up
after awhile..kit came...( he has to follow behind the ambulance)
..we waited for 3 hours for the doc to come...he said it is common that children at his have seizure if fever develops..
it won't affect the brain cells..but for safety purposes... we must always monitor his tempreature..
Sighhhhhh... scared the hell out of us.... the doc asked us to stayed back ...coz they need to check Ryan's urine ...just in case got virus infection that caused the fever...
well..he was negative for all virus THANK GOD!
it was just the heat only..

but i tell u... that day was the worst day ever for me!
i couldn't explain here how i felt that day...
no words can explain.

the rest of the days..were just normal and bad...Kit's car broke down on tuesday nite..when we got back from hospital..
triple sigh....we didn't get to go anywhere we planned to go ...just stayed home and 'grow mushroom"

pretty bad luck this year... dunno why...
i hope this coming long weekend will be better :)
RYan is much better now...but i catched a cold...had a very bad cough... :(
that's why i didn't get to update my blog..
managed to visit some of my fav blogs... but lazy to update ;)

Friday, June 16, 2006

1 week vacation!

Wohoooooooooooooooooooooo..kit is on his 1 week vacation! We soo need it so badly eh... already plan to go lotsa places..mostly in ontario. Budget ler... need to save some money...coz more ppl live in the house..more expenses liao ..sighhhhhh :(

We are going to Scarborough tomorrow and visit my Aunt too... need to give my aunt some of the goodies that my sis sent me the other day! :)
we have to go to SIL's place for dinner..having bbq ..sort off celebrating Father's day ler...but Fil and mil working they are going to be late tomorrow... I think sil is not going to be happy abt it!

Anyway who cares long as i am enjoying my scarborough trip and visiting my aunt!
Rite now..i am trying so hard not to be in the same room with that..less conflict if we see each other less!

Better this way :) .. just now the whole evening, Kit myself and Ryan were outside playing and cleaning up the backyard..
i think mil inside unpack her stuff ( which is good..high time she need to do that eh! )

just hope our vacation will be fun! :)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I will cook!

Ha! that is the phrase that she uttered yesterday morning before she went to work... "I will cook..onwards...
and guess what my dearest mother in law did to me yesterday...

Yesterday morning conversation:

MIL: err.. i'll cook onwards la.. if i have to work overtime, u cook then.

Me: as usual...keeping my response...

MIL: err..what to cook today leh.?.... hmm u check the freezer ..see anything okie to take out...ohh..maybe the fish..take out the fish then.

Me: fish? cook fish? my rangehood is not that good..later the whole house going to be smelly.

MIL: nevermind la..i cook it outside....

Me: keeping silence....
...she went to work afterthat....and me taking out the taw it...

Evening time...around 5.40 i cook the rice..wash the vege and thought maybe when she comes back..she will just cook the fish.
she normally comes back around 5.45pm..but is already 6 calls to say she is working late..etc etc..

I have to dig out somethingelse to cook... i am soo very mad..least she should call me and inform me ...if u can't cook..dun said it soo loud that u wanna cook!!
somemore.. i have to cook something extra so enough for FIL to take for lunch today and the food must be gravy stuff...coz the food will turn bad..(he is working in the vineyard-weather is very hot)
sighh..memang la "cheh suuu"...excuse me..i am very mad liao..i have to use my hokkien..meaning they really give me problems man!

so today i dun care.. i cook what i feel like it..if u dun like ur problem..i can't wait till u come back only cook...ryan is hungry too duhhhhhhhhhh!

*breath in....breath out...... calm myself down here*

i am going to need this blog to let out my anger...i guess u guys must either enjoy it or not enjoy it..coz today going to be drama those chinese soap opera..hahaha...
my situation is worst than everybody loves raymond show...least the in-laws live opposite of their house!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Yup..u guys gonna see this word very often on my blog! heheh... yup they are already in our house. The moving day itself..already worn us out!
They started to move stuff on sunday morning where Kit and his younger bro went over to the house to help out. (PIL's house is just 5 mins drive from ours). I decided Ryan and myself stayed home and cooked lunch for them as well as getting ready for the stuff to come in.
Sil came over too..(i was surprised too that she came coz she normally wont do this kind of stuff coz she is afraid of problems..the best is..if u got problem..pls dun call her!)

As i was half way preparing the lunch (for 10 ppl), Sil called asking me..have u already cooked..if not we can order some food and eat?...duh!!! ask for fun... very fake! i dun really like her character..coz she is always pretending..never sincere or honest to u!
I really hate those type of person. To me..if u have anything to say to me..say it right into my face..dun go behind my back or something.
Well, i know she was just checking whether i already cooked.. coz if i have cooked already..she don't have to spend her money maa..
smart huh?!

By the way, her even worst... frankly her original character was not like that.. it is because the hubby influence her. Omigosh..her hubby ..i can tell u..i have never met such a person b4!
to tell u the truth...he is the worst... worst than my mil.
My sunday was crazy for us. Imagine my house rite now is a mess...HELL MESS!!
and guess what?
this is the JUICY PART!
mil said this to me on sunday nite :

MIL: (in chinese of course..but i just traslate in eng) err..dunno whether should i go to work tomorrow....maybe take day off to unpack and tidy up the house (my house) la..

Me: keeping quite...silenceeeeeeeee.....

MIL: ummm i think better go to work work no money maa...the stuff..u can unpack it slowly tomorrow maa... so nevermind la... slowly u can do it!

ME: rolling my eyes in shock!! thinking in my brain: what the F**** me? pack ur stuff tomorrow? hello?!!! ur stuff wor? how do i know where to put man? me? no wayyyyyyyyy!!!!
(in real): keeping silence............
the conversation ended..without any response from me....

soooooo..results ..till today tuesday already liao... still no tidy up... sighhhhhhhhhh my house is in real mess..
come on man..take la one or 2 days soo important meh..walau eh! dun expect to know where to put ur stuff..
n ryan is running around the house...i have to put away on the side!
she really causing me lotsa problems and headaches eh!

Guess what other stuff she do?
u guys knew she is a freaking control QUEEN!
thismorniong already told me she will cook everyday if she didn't work over time!
ha! good if i am dying to compete with cook!
she just wanna take over my kitchen!!!!
slowly she is moving in man....
i saw her "colours" bit by bit day by day .....

GOD pls HELP ME! i do not deserve this! what did i do wrong to deserve this?! all i wanted is my own family space..that's all!
give me the strength oh LORD to face her... give me the wisdom to face her every single moment!
I AM so frail now...pls HOLD ME LORD! I NEED U LORD...


Monday, June 12, 2006

The Five Love Languages

The Five Love Languages

My primary love language is probably
Physical Touch
with a secondary love language being
Quality Time.

Complete set of results

Physical Touch: 11
Quality Time: 7
Words of Affirmation: 7
Acts of Service: 3
Receiving Gifts: 2


Unhappiness in relationships, according to Dr. Gary Chapman, is often due to the fact that we speak different love languages. Sometimes we don't understand our partner's requirements, or even our own. We all have a "love tank" that needs to be filled in order for us to express love to others, but there are different means by which our tank can be filled, and there are different ways that we can express love to others.

Take the quiz

Friday, June 09, 2006

countdown: 1 more day

We were soo busy for the past few weeks, days or whatever due to my in-law are moving in this coming sunday. YUP! i have left 1 more day to enjoy my privacy and freedom with my family :( .
I have no idea what the future holds for us... really clueless.. but definitely praying hard for strength and endurance to face this challenge.

I really hope the history will not repeat again. With all HIS blessings and protection, i will take this risk and move forward.

Goodbye privacy, goodbye freedom, goodbye being the only woman in this house! :(

i won't be blogging for next few days or weeks due to need to pack stuff and things settle.