Thursday, June 07, 2007

One computer, 3 users

Yup, i have to share the computer with Kit and Ryan.... even now i am having trouble to use the computer coz Ryan is bugging me that he wants to play computer!
Thanks to Kit...he got Ryan hook on those pin ball games!
I cannot believe it..when i was 3 years old..i know nothing about games man!
Kids nowadays..gosh! have to be careful with what they are exposing to!
He learn very fast!

I am supposed to study now coz PIL are home lazy and tired!


mama bok said...

Even though chloe has her own puter..
she still uses mine alot..! because the table that holds her puter isn't that great..! guess i better consider getting her a table..!

G @ said...

oh oh nx time mama gene kerja got duit liao, can buy ryan his own personal lappie, hehe

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: hehehe Yea..maybe u have to consider buying her a new table! or maybe she thought your puter more keng leh.. ;)

Grace: hehehe Yea lor..but me buy lappie for myself leh..not ryan..kekkekeke he better use the old one...cannot spoil him one..if he wants..he better earn it himself! kekkekekek

Mel said...

Hi hi,
Popped by your blog from some other mama's blog....enjoyed reading your blog! I also have the same prob, so many pple, so little computer. My 3.5 yo have her own MSN account even! God bless!

Gene Lim said...

Mel: hehehe..i guess we are in the same boat huh ;) coolies...ur little one is even cooler! I believe ya! :)

Thanks for dropping by :)