Friday, August 31, 2007


Is about time for me to "pay" all the tags that i owed
Grace. So sorry that it took me awhile to do this. Thanks for tagging me eh :)
I love doing tags but is just that i might be slow..hehehehe

Okay..for this tag.. I think, if I am given a choice and blessed with good income in the family, I will opt for SAHM position for at least my child reach a good age to be independent. I love to be there for my kid or kids (if i am blessed with another one) when they are young because the bondage is important. The love, effort, care you put in them, it will definitely grow.
However, the picture is not always good as I wanted, due to financially not stable, I need to get a job or go to school to get a better job.
SO, I am like in the middle, ehehehe.. But I am consider lucky because I get to spend good 3 years with Ryan and teach him all I can and know so far.
Is time for me expose him to society and blend in with other kids. :)

Conclusion : SAHM when kids are 0-3 years FTWM when kids are 3 and over :)


Immomsdaughter prefers to be a

Miche prefers to be a

SYH prefers to be a

Shoppingmum prefers to be a

WMD prefers to be a

Milkmaid prefers to be a


Shannon can't decide and
wants the best of both

Mommibee prefers to be a
SAHM in Sydney

Gene wants to be


G @ said...

thanks for doing this tag gene. i also forgot i tagged u with this liao hehe. well ur dream has come true. after kid is 3 u will be back to the workforce :)

Gene Lim said...

Grace: Ai yo..i paiseh man... i hutang u alot of tags...