Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sponsored Post: Digital Framez

With the popular use of digital camera nowadays, we can now have digital photo frames to frame up our beautiful pictures taken from digital camera.

I did not know such a thing exist until I stumble upon Digital Framez, a company that specialize in digital photo frame.
No more photo albums that you keep in your bookshelf and under the bed.
Now you can enjoy every digitally taken pictures everywhere, your living room, bed room, or at the mantel.
Save you the hassle downloading the pictures and printing them out. You can easily have your beautiful pictures framed and enjoyed it at any time and any place you wish!

The sizes vary from 7 inch to 10 inch and this is how it works :

1) Take your pictures

2)Transfer your memory card to the digital photo frame

3)Using your remote control to choose your favourite slide shows!

This easy and no complications at all!

I find it very interesting and easy to use.

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