Friday, August 24, 2007

Our Shaolin Master

This is Ryan first army hair cut that I gave him weeks ago! hehehehe.. MIL did not like it and keep condemning it.
But i felt it helps Ryan cool off during hot summer days. I think is cute! hehehehe

What you guys think? I want honest okie if you think is ugly or not suitable... i just want honest answer :)
All feedback is good feedback...we learn from it rite? :)


Mama BoK said...

I think Ryan is still very handsome.. :) so there.. the truth..!

G @ said...

aiyah stick our his tongue some more :P i like little boys with short haircut like ryan now. it tends to make them look more fresh, more alert and cuter :) quicker to dry too right? no need to comb.

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: Thank you thank you...hehehehe... still handsome..meaning haircut no good la..izzit? ;) kekekekekeke

Grace: YEa.. me too..short and need to comb u said..ahahaha..easy to manage during summer eh :)