Monday, August 13, 2007

Everything all right!

Ryan was alright on last Friday. The care provider told me he cried for like about 20 minutes and threw up as well.. :(
But after that he was alright. He blend in alright with other kids. He played water and he got to go out to play the water splash as well. He was totally a happy camper!
The best part was every kids love him...hehehe maybe because he is the only Chinese boy there.

When I picked him up at 5 pm that day, as we were walking out..there was this little gal..i think she was about a year or 2 older than Ryan..running towards us and hugged Ryan. How sweet! The little gal and her mom were leaving at the same time too. She met Ryan at the parking lot and ran towards Ryan and give Ryan a big squeeze hug!
Ryan was happy too!

When RYan saw me that time, he told me that i got disappear cannot find me and he cried.
He was a little bit upset about it. I told him i did not disappear..i went to school..
I prepared him like weeks b4..but still..the whole thing cannot go inside his head..hehehe

SO I ask him again:

Me : Ryan, you wanna go to school again?

RYAN: Nope...

ME: Why? U don't like school?

RYAN: Mommy em keen lor...Yau Zhen hum hum lor (Mommy disappear lor..Ryan cry cry lor)

Me: Mommy em hai em keen..mommy fun hok maa..( Mommy did not disappear..mommy went to school)

Me: Nei you em you hei school ar? (DO you still want to go to school?)

Ryan: Mommy em hey school...Yau Zhen hey school (Mommoy don't go to school, Ryan will go to school)

*slap my head*...alamak...this boy ar.. sure knows how to get his way huh...
cheeky one!


Mama BoK said...

Oh..Gene..!! Ryan is so lovable..!! Glad he is settling in.. will take some time though.. so you've gotta tough it out.. yah..!! will be praying for success for Ryan at his daycare.. :) you take good care.. ya..!

G @ said...

wow got admirer on day one already, amboi, such a charmer ryan is, hehe. so sweet of the lil girl to be so friendly with ryan. aiyo gene, nx time u very busy scanning thru all phone calls from girls asking for ryan, hehe. wah u see, ryan already so sociable liao. He's done so well for such a short time gene esp being the only Asian kid there. Very soon, he'll be babbling in pure canadian accent, so cute lah!

Joez said... cute la ask you don't go to sch.
Hey sis....ur son just like you la...remember when u were young? Woke up cannot find mom and cried till u puke ? I have to clean up for u leh...hah...

Shireen Loh said...

that's so cute!!! Kids sure are fast nowadays

G @ said...

wakaka gene's secret bocor oreadi, cried till puked ah? aiyaya

shern's mom said...

hi, this is my first visit to your blog. ryan is so adorable. how old is he? will drop by again. take care.

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement, sista! :)
I hope everything will be okie soon...especially when i starts school that time eh..hehehee

Grace: Heheheh..yea lor... later i sure busy lioa..i scared he become heart breaker lor..hahahaha..
Ai yo... my rahsia bocor man...thanks to my sis blekkk :P
What to do..runs in my gene! hahahahaah

Sis: YEa lor..he is smart eh...knows his way ! apala... bocor my rahsia eh..hahahah
well, that's why i am lucky to have big sister like u lor! hahahaahha..
somemore ..i pooped on the floor leh..remember? u have to pick up my "chocolate" one by one...kekekekek
remember that one? hahahaahahah

Shireen: Yeah..they are! time really flies... my baby is no longer baby...but ..deep inside my heart..he is still baby to me! hehhe :)

Shern's Mom: Thank you for stopping by my dear :)
Awee..u r so kind... Ryan is 3 1/2 years old now. :)