Saturday, August 04, 2007

So busy..

I was so busy past few days as in get myself register for my Nursing course and Ryan in day care.
Officially, Ryan will be attending day care next Friday 10th August 2007..yup..i have to get him used to it. It will be once a week kinda thing till September where he will be attending 5 days a week.
I also managed to applied Child care Subsidy for day care cost is 32 bucks a day..and government only fund us $6.80. We still have to pay $25.20 a day for it.
Oh well, better than nothing.

I am really excited for him next week. Can't wait to see how Ryan react on that day :)

Other than all that, Ryan got fever and cold on Thursday. I had to cool him down with ice pack..on that night. This is tough matter how sleepy i was..i still have to look after him. I was so worried that his febrile seizure attack him again.. THank God he is okie now..

That's why i didn't get to update my blog for so long...
I am still sleepy now too..hehehehe

I still haven't finish my assignment yet..I dunno how am I going to do everything...I really need miracle here.
Some more, PIL invited sis-in law to come over for dinner..there goes my saturday nite..i cannot study.

Luckily, Monday is a holiday, Civic Holiday. Hopefully, i can finish it all and exchange for another book.

I am so excited here because I am going back to school very soon! September 4th is the date!
I can imagine i will be surrounded by all young teenage students..and me old hen here..kekekkeke
Getting very near. I managed to registered and got my timetable liao. Pretty easy for the first semester :)
I get to work in hospital after 7 weeks of the course start date. How cool is that? I get to wear uniform and play with dummies! n of ppl's ppoop and pee (according to my MIL, my job is doing that only)
How ignorant she is huh?


mama bok said...

I'm excited for you too..!! you did good..Gene..!!
I'm very sure.. Ryan will be really proud of you .. in the future..!
Yes.. your MIL is the typical chinese MIL..! so ignore her.. !!

G @ said...

Very cool indeed, u're already almost there and to think back those hard times are history *poof*. One can only move forward, so way to go Gene!!! Time flies, before we know it, we'll be calling u RN Gene liao. Blessed are the patients who will get looked after by you! I am sure ur MIL deep down in her heart, very proud of u one especially once u start work at the hosp :D Yr life is already changing for the better!!

Sweetpea said...

daycare in canada sounds cheap. the average here in aust. a day is minimum $50 to $80 per day.

patience is virtue. easy to say i know, but once you start working, i hope that will take away your mental stress. it helps a lot to be interacting with others. keeping me sane so far.

take care~

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: Thanks dear! I hope everything goes well.... i am ignoring her negative attitude..really doing my best drives me crazy..
Again dear, I wanna thank you for your morally support! :) **Huggies**

Grace: Thank you so much dear for your support and encouragement as always..U and Jan are always encouraging me to go on... :) I really appreciate that :)
I am studying to be Registered Practical Nurse only...RN cannot la..coz it will take 4 years to finish..whereas RPN only takes 2 years. RPN is lower level than RN but they are doing almost the same job. If in the future..time permits me..i will continue to pursue RN. God willing..everything goes well la :)

Sweetpea: Thanks for dropping by dear :)
Yup, i am lucky that i found this day care centre to be reasonable in price. We do have centres that charge like 45 or 50 bucks a day.
If I am in Aussie, sei lor... i cannot afford at all man!

Thanks for your encouragement and advice..hopefully i will get to experience that kind of life :)

Anonymous said...

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