Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sponsored Post: Smorty

Thanks to Gracie, I gave Smorty a visit and found out it was good. Smorty brings the advertisers and bloggers together by providing great services for both.
As advertiser, you can get your business site boost up by letting bloggers to write about your site and link one link in their blogs with your anchor text.
This definitely will give increase your rankings and site traffic.
An easy tool for you to get more and more traffic for advertising blogs.

As for bloggers, this is a perfect way for you to earn extra income by doing what you like. You just have to write about the site and give your opinion about the business site. Make sure you include one link about the business site by using the given anchor text.
Opportunities are sent directly to your email account and you get paid weekly.

Smorty sure is the way for you to blog for money


mama bok said...

Smorty is great.. ! they are good paymasters..!

G @ said...

oh didnt kno my post abt smorty would interest anyone to sign up :) Glad u did, gene! I just received my 1st payment from them within 1 week only. Only thing is their opp is almost like TigaP, hv to log in and grab one, alamak, hehe.

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: Really? Coolies... hey sista, u must have earn alot doing this paid blogging thingy huh...
can see u did a lot of post..very rajin there... :)

Grace: Thanks to u my dear...good la..wah first payment so fast huh...that's great..but one thing abt the opp ..u have to go online and grab it lor..hehehe i missed 3 opps that pays 9 bucks each..aiks..
yea la..abit susah la..coz me not always get to go online..i think PU2B is more suitable for me ;)

mama bok said...

Ahhh.. i professional chair sitter ma.. ;)

Gene Lim said...

mamabok: wah..don't say like that la.. i know u r very busy with business and running around with Chloe not easy..just that u want to earn money also...
I salute you! :)