Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hot summer treat

Mara and Ian really are good neighbour to us especially to Ryan. Always buy Ryan gifts and everything.
These picture taken weeks ago. It all started with Ryan saying hello to Mara and Ian at the living room window. Ryan always check them out and say hello and bye whenever he sees them going out or coming back. Yup, my son very nosy and "kepo" his mother lor..hehehe runs in the family!
Anyway, when Ryan say hello that time, there was one ice cream truck pass by..and of course he gets excited and said ice cream ice cream...
Guess what? YUP...Ian bought one medium ice cream for Ryan!
Ryan sure one happy camper! It was a totally a treat for him that day..coz that day was like 32 degree Celsius was humid!


mama bok said...

Heheh!! very much like chloe.. eating ice cream.. but chloe is very dainty.. when eating.. and never wanna mess up.. hahhaha!!
And ryan sure deserved the ice cream lor.. if i was your neighbour. .and he keeps calling out to me.. i would love him to bits too.. :)

G @ said...

aiyooo look at ur boy, sooo happy with the ice kwim! reward for being so clever in greeting people! gene u hv such a good boy there!

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: Hey..Chloe girl girl ma..must be dainty one...good for her to behave like this at this early age ;) hehehehe
Ai yo..Ryan no care where or how he eat it..boys are boys ..i guess :)
You are very kind to Ryan..always! ..he is just very kepo only...everything also want to know.. :)

Grace: Awe..u r soo kind gracie...he is just being his mother la..hahahha..