Friday, August 10, 2007

Learning to let go!

I just finished crying like a baby... why? Because my baby has gone to day care today!
I sent him to day care around 9 am this morning...oh boy, he cried like about 20 minutes!

I tell ya..not only Ryan has separation issue..i had it too!! For all those working mothers.... how u gals do that?
My heart really sink down way tears me apart to hear him cry!
When I reached home around 9.45 .. i called the centre check on him....the gal said he just stopped crying and started to play with water ...with other kids..

I know this is for his own good..he gets to mix around and learn stuff..Eventually he has to go through it when i starts school this Sept.

When i came into the was empty..and so quiet..I am not used to it..I really dunno what to do now..
I have tons of work to finish..but i can't seem to get brain and hands together!
I am like a lost soul here..coz my baby is not around!!

Oh Lord, Please watch over Ryan for me!


Mama BoK said...

My turn is coming soon..!! i know how you feel.. i dread that day too..!! but all for the good.. i'm sure.. :) *hugs*.. you will get into a routine right soon..!! chin up .. sister..!!
As i write this.. i'm praying for Ryan too..!!

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: Thank you my dear sister! I know..this is good for him. I need some time to adjust..heheeh..I called twice already check on him..hehehehe pai seh!

G @ said...

Gene u're only normal, I'm sure I'd feel the same way u do when my turn comes - my house would prolly get flooded with my tears. I guess we can take heart that your daycare is just nearby and not like half an hour's drive away. I often hear kids crying on their first few days at daycare or school, after that, aiyooo, sure very berani like nobody's business one. Stay cool dear. Ur baby boy is growing up, yippeee!!

Gene Lim said...

Grace: Yea..heheheh..whole house flooded some more..funny la u...
this is a cycle every mom and their kids will go u said..they will be very socialize liao..u know..there this kid at day care..5 years yo..cakap banyak an adult...i guess he has been socializing alot liao ;)