Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"Yeen Sat" = Reality

Back to work this week and on Sunday, Kit and Ryan had the following conversation:

Kit: Teen yat, daddy fun kong la..., okay? (Tomorrow, Daddy has to go back to work, okay?)

Ryan: Moi ar.. chou meh fun kong? (Don't want...why go to work?)

Kit: Mou sai kar kei lor...yue fun kong ar...(No more holidays ..daddy has to go back to work)

Ryan: Mou fun kong la...daddy ook kei pooi chee (Don't go to work..daddy stay home accompany me)

Kit: Daddy you fun kong ar...fun kong wan cheen cheen mai neen neen ar..chu chu ar (Daddy has to go to work, go work can earn money to buy milk and thomas and friends toys for u)

Ryan: Ohhhh? Chan hai...ai yoooooo..... *pause for thinking*... come daddy fun kong la..okay? (ohhh? really? ai yoo... *pause for thinking*.... then daddy gotta go to work..okay?)

Kit and ME : LOL!!

See how smart he is getting now...geeze...getting very cheeky these days..talking like an adult...


G @ mommibee.com said...

they're so cute at this age :) soon u can have deep conversations with him, very fun! at the rate he is going, he will so smart, beyond his age, you'll see!

mama bok said...

Hahah!! smart kid..!!

Gene Lim said...

Grace: Yea lor... i am waiting for that...wah..that time ...i can relek liao lor hehehh.. smart or no smart also nevermind la..hehehe..as long as he is happy and healthy ..i am more than happy liao :)

Mamabok: Yea...didn't expect him to say that at all..kekekeke
kids these days...they can never fail to amaze us huh ;)

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

hahaha.. I always enjoy reading ur cantonese conversation with ur kit... he's very adorable... lol

Gene Lim said...

Kev: Heheh Thanks for dropping by ;)
Ryan always amazes us... :)