Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thank you all....

Regarding to my earlier post
Why...?, I personally wanna say a big THANK YOU to my dearest blogging friends..actually I don't consider them blogging friends at all..I treated them like my close best friends. Is just that we cannot meet each other face to face and I met them through blogging.
They have been encouraging me and supporting me all this while. Giving me advice and support whenever I am down.
This is TRUE friends! People say, one can only find one TRUE friend...but I am so blessed here..I am blessed with many! Among them, I have met them through my blogging world. How great that is huh! We have not see each other face before but we can communicate to each other like we have know each other for life!
They understand my situation, my worries, my pain and my hardship! Their support really meant the world to me!
People like this is hard to find! I am so lucky to have them as my FRIENDS! my GREAT FRIENDS!

Baby Bok Choi a.k.a.
Mamabok one super woman who runs her own business at the same time taking care of her wonderful and adorable daughter Chloe, which I love her to death! She is one good friend who cares for you a lot and very humble and sincere!
She also like me come all the way to Canada to start a family without any relatives nearby. That's why we understand our pain and we support each other. She is very generous and kind hearted!
Janet, Thank you very much for all support and encouragement...LOVE YOU MUCH GALFRIEND!

Mommmibee also known as Grace... she is one sweet gal who also married abroad to Australia. She has one 14 month year old adorable Phoebe, which I love her to death! Not having her family with her and of course having the same MIL situation like me... WE UNDERSTAND EACH other very well.
She is very humble and humorous and always supported me whenever I need her! Not to mention she is very helpful and cares a lot for her friends!

Gracie, Thank you so very much for all support, kind words and encouragement.. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH, GALFRIEND!

Also, to my my beloved sister, Thank you again are always there for me to advice and support me. How I wish you are here with me like before.
Is always feels good to have your big sister to watch over you...I miss those feeling a lot!
Love you and miss you alot SIS!

KGC: Thanks for stopping by and share your story with me. I appreciate it alot. I hope we can be stronger as DIL and have a better relationship with our MIL :)


mama bok said...

Wow.. ! Gene..!! my head very the big now..!! cannot go thru' the door..already..!!
Thank you for giving me such a big hat to wear lor..!! I'm definitely not as great as you write lor..! i am humbled by your experience.. the patience you have .. with your MIL and your hubby..! you are a great person.. Gene..!
Donch let anyone let you think otherwise..!

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: Hey Jan, I really meant what I said.. You are a great friend and always care for your friends! I am very glad to have known you!
As always, Thank you again! :)

G @ said...

aiyoo gene, apa lah ni! my badan and muka already kembang u wanna make me more kembang ah? hehehe thanks so much for ur kind words which I dont deserve lah dear. U kno, sometimes u just know it when u can click with someone instantly! Me and Bee love u very much too, Gene!! Thanks again dear! Like Mamabok said, we re humbled by ur experience, ur patience with ur MIL is truly unrivalled and to be admired. U are doing ur duty as a Christian DIL very well.

Gene Lim said...

Grace: What la...I meant every word i said.. and i am truly glad and grateful to have you as my friend...Who is making who kembang here.. i just have to do what i have to do...:)
And one thing..I am grateful to have HIM as my FATHER!