Friday, August 31, 2007


Next week will be orientation week for me meaning freebies week. Yup, the college has already arranged a lot of freebies event for new students. We were told that all new students will be given one USB drive.. i dunno i said it correctly or not..well u know what i meant..

Cool huh? Oh well, i am still not as really excited ..excited like i should be..because there has been lots going on around at home.
Some big tension going on at home .... yea..In-law become outlaw situation.

It is sad ..but i am praying for strength.

I know i know..i keep complaining abt in law issues... I wish i can be like Mamabok..instead of complaining ..i rather praising them.
But this is not my case...

Oh well, everyone is different.. and I am glad and happy that Mamabok is blessed with great in-laws! :)

I hope mine will change...i know they will..because my FATHER will make them!


Mama BoK said...

Keep that chin up.. Gene..!!

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: Hey sista, thank you ****hugs*****

G @ said...

gene, dont wori abt complaining, i'd be complaining more than u IF my ILs were to live under the same roof with me. U're only normal dear and we are only human. It's hard to imagine such ILs until u actually hv them, haha. Hope the situation will be under control soon. *hugs* Hv fun on ur orientation week. USB drive is cool :)

mrs b said...

God is the justifier, but in His time (that could be years away). But when He does, man, its in the way that only a God can.
Anyway, you make sure you forgive at some point down the road ok, let no seed of bitterness take root in you. Its only for your own good, really.

Gene Lim said...

Grace: Yea..i really hope so... :) thanks for the support dear :)

Mrs B: Thanks mrs b... yea..the forgiveness part i really have to learn alot... I am still working very hard on it.. is hard not to have support (spiritually wise) coz Kit is not Christian.. I am working on it..i have faith :)
Thanks for the advise and support :)