Friday, August 24, 2007

All painted

This is what Kit did for the firs day of his vacation week. Yup, he painted the porch railings. Is all nice and new. No more rusty old look.
Sorrie didn't get to snap the before picture. It was white before but it was rusty already. So, Kit has to sand it and re-paint 2 coats. first the rust coat thingy then apply the brown colour that we chose. :)


mama bok said...

Nice..!! good man..!! brownie points ya.. for Kit..!

G @ said...

wow firt time i see a pic of the front of ur house gene. i love the verandah. ur neighbourhood houses look nicely spaced out unlike ours, all so near one! kit did a great job, sand and painted .. ahrd work i know coz i hv painted railings b4 too. brown is good, tahan kotor and matches ur house bricks too.

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: hehehe... brownie points? what is that? ehehhehe

Grace: Is it? first time meh? umm maybe also la..coz i never focus to capture front house..heheheh..
Yea the veranda is big..but i never use it..i prefer the backyard deck...coz me pai seh to sit in front n let ppl see me..kekeke call me koo lou or waht..that's me..
Houses over there very near meh?
U must take picture for me to see :)
YEa..the front railings really got rusty liao..b4 it was white in yo...tak boleh tahan damn ugly with the rusty look. Brown easy to paint and no need to paint too many layers lor ..heheheh

G @ said...

i tot in my blog can see how near the houses are? hehe. i kno what u mean, if sit at the verandah dunno where to look - neighbours think looking at them LOL