Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's day celebration...

My mother's day celebration was pretty good. Must be wondering how would my wonderful MIL share this day with me huh? heheheh
Kit is very smart handling this..well, i suggest that bringing her for dinner..which we did on Friday because normally PIL will go to Mississauga (her daughter's place)on weekends.
..I will have Sunday all to myself..wohooo.. :)
Well, this morning, we went shopping and Kit bought me 2 blouses and one jean was on sale at Zellers.
Oh gosh, i haven't been shopping for clothing for years!!! So is was very nice of Kit to do knowing we have to save some money for my schooling and just in case Ryan's day care fee.
So, overall it was great! simple and nice :)

Oh yea..Kit also bought a watch for his mom... so not bad at all huh :)
Actually i don't mind him doing that for his mom, he Should!
I even ask him to give her a hug ..n guess what he said? we are not brought up like will be weird...u english educated ppl can do that..but not us.
oh well, i would give her hug..but i know she will be surprised and dunno what she will be thinking again...
anyway, dun wanna spoil my day :)

I hope every mothers out there having a great time :)
God Bless u all great Mothers !


G said...

glad to hear ur mother's day was a good one, Gene. so sweet of u to think abt hugging MIL and encourage Kit to respect her :D Good hearted person you! It is very thoughtful and loving of Kit to buy u new clothes. I hope u remember to give him lotsa loving that nite *wink wink*, ahhahahah! when wanna parade ur new clothes for us KPC mommas to see??

mama bok said...

Glad you had a good day..!! you sure deserved all the good things..!! I know what you mean.. about clothings.. !! i donch even have time for grocery shopping..!! it's hard.. when you have to depend on someone for transport..!! got money also cannot buy..!! but nevermind lah.. ! as long as we know.. our kids are well.. that's all that matters right..??

Joez said...

Happy Mother's Day sis :)
You're a great mom...I am sure Ryan knows that and loves his mommy :))

Gene Lim said...

G: thanks G! :)
Well, i will take some pics of my new clothes..will go to the zoo this coming sat..and will be wearing my new clothes..hehehehe..
Well, i am not boasting or anything..i am an easy going person..i like to talk and my motto is make as many good friends as possible..but i guess my background and mil's background is different..she felt like i am a threat to her...i hope she will realize one day that i am not!

Mamambok: Yea! i totally agree with you.. i am not only transportation dependent ..i am also financially dependent.. so that's why i can't wait to earn my own that i can buy anything i wannt :)
Yup ..our children is more important.u say it rite and u can say it again :)

Sis: Thanks was ur KK trip?

Joez said...

My KK trip ok la, tired, talk to u much later, need to rest. Take care ya. Love u!