Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Thank you Mamabok and all others who are giving me the supports and encouragements.
I appreciate and very touched!

I am okie... i just need to see things more positive i guess even though things and environment at home aren't so positive at all.
I can't change the people who is trying to bring me down...but i can try to save myself by avoiding her.
I praying hard for things to change...for GOD to make her realize that i am not a threat to her.
That's what she is thinking...and trying to annoyed me by doing childish things.
I am afraid she will ended like those old crazy woman..insecure..very insecure.

Mamabok, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for understanding my situation,supporting and encouragement.

Grace, I thank you for your support, prayers, and encouragement.

To all moms out there who pray for me.. I thank you all...Bless you all kind hearted ppl!


Mama BoK said...

Hey.. Gene,
I'm only a phone call away..ya..! you know how to get me right..??

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: THanks Jan, i will..maybe one day i will surprise u ..hehehe..but i am not sure i have your phone number..maybe u can e-mail it to me :)
Thanks again Jan! :)

mama bok said...


Irene said...

Hang in there, Gene. Came via Jan (above). She's so sweet, huh!

You've got a great family that needs you and of course a happy mother's day to you too! You deserve a good one!

I'm in Canada too, hahaha.

G said...

gene, u're just like anyone of us, i am sure i'll break down too if i were in ur situation. dont u dare think for any second that u're weak or anything okie? what u're facing is so tough (my MIL stayed here for 2 weeks i already beh tahan) but like i said, is there anything that Gene cannot pull through? Absolutely nothing. U go girl!! U're a tough and amazing person in my eyes!