Thursday, May 31, 2007

I pass!

Wooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! I pass my driving test!! Thank GOD! Thank you for everyone who prayed for me!
Thank you thank you!
I can drive now! I have my G2 license now...need to practice more and later get my G license..
I have to go through another test..which is they call it high-way or freeway test!

What a relief! I did almost perfect..but the examiner said i didn't look often on my rear view mirror!

I remember that moment when i drove to the test area and park. The examiner, Linda her name..said

Linda: Gene, U passed! Buttttttttttt... i noticed that u didn't look at ur rear view mirror...u got lotsa marks deducted from there..esp ur observation. You have to always check your rear view mirror every 5 seconds when u r driving. Be careful on that..u need it for your next test!
If you continue like that you will definitely fail for the next test!

Me: Okie..i will! Thank you soo much!

I tell ya..that moment i almost wanna cry man... what a relief..i knew i made mistake..but i was hoping that i will pass... Seriously, what a blessing from GOD..i got a nice examiner..even though she is strict..

I pass! I pass...heehhe.

I will drive to Mt. Albion later to hand in my Psychology exam..(which i am sooo overdue now)


Mama BoK said...

WooHoo..!! congrats.. Gene..!! "big hug".. !! this call for a celebration.. eh..!!!

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: YES! Thank you thank you *huggies* :)

mrs b said...

tumpang excited for you, hehe. Many congrats!

Gene Lim said...

Mrs B: hehehe..thank you thank you..pai sehhhh..heheheeheh

G @ said...

wow Gene, see lah I KNEW it, there is nothing u could not achieve! Everything sure pass one! Congratulations! Nx test, kacang for u lah so pls stop worry worry .. dont u know by now that u're a genius???!!

Gene Lim said...

Grace: Wahhhhhhh ...Grace u say till me very keng only...pai seh pai seh... i am not genius la... i am just being force only...working my butt off here..
if me no need to worrie liao lor..kekekekekek
Thank you thank you for your prayers and compliments :)