Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Celebrating Mother's day

My special wishes to Mamabok and Grace on this coming beautiful and meaningful mother's day!
Lucky Chloe and Bee to have you 2 as their mommy!
Happy Mother's day Girlfriends and God Bless this wonderful day!

To all mothers and future mothers out there ....




mama bok said...

Wow. you make me feel so special lah.. Gene..!! you have a good one too ya..!
You know what Gene.. it's knowing that you are doing your best.. and not care about what ppl want or think about you .. that is most important..! you have a kind heart.. it will go a long way..!
This coming mother's day.. i wish for you.. appreciation from your hubby.. i think it is most important.. that the spouse supports you.. no matter what. Afterall, you are the mother of his son. And you've come a long way.. just to be with him.

G said...

aiyoyo, me too lah gene, i feel special liao reading ur entry *LOL* u're a very nice person gene, i could tell from the way u write, a humble, caring, down to earth, always making others happy, never hesitate to help others .. that's why when i first stumbled onto ur blog (cant remember how), i read EVERY single one of your entries *LOL* i really wish we live near! Ryan and Kit are extremely blessed to have you as mom and wife. I agree with eveyrthing MB said. *~* Happy Mommy's Day to you too *~*

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: U r special, Jan! u r :) i am lucky to have know u even though we have not meet in person yet..but i am very sure we will one day :)
U r very kind and supportive.. a good friend to have :)

I hope u had a great one too :) Happy MOther's day to u again my dear! :)

G: Awee..u r making me blush liao..hehehe u r too ..very special.. a great friend to have...very kind and supportive. I am very grateful to have know u too.. I also wish that we will meet up one day..:)
I hope u have a great Mother's day.. i know u will :)
Happy Mother's day again my dear! :)