Friday, May 25, 2007

Hair Cut

Ryan just has his hair cut today from me :)
When daddy got back..daddy said

Daddy : Wah... Ryan leng jai lor... (Wah...Ryan handsome lor)

Ryan: Hai lor ( yes lor )

Daddy: Yue ying seong lor (Have to take picture)

Ryan: Hai ar.. siew siew ar.. handsome boy (Yes ar.. take picture (his version of taking picture) )

So far, this hair cut that i gave Ryan, i can consider okie eh...the rest ..alamak..very ugly man..
What to do..we al cheapo ma... hehehe...from birth till now..i handle his hair cut..just to save 5 bucks


mama bok said...

Very nice hair cut ..Gene..!

G @ said...

good job wat! i would do the same like u - save money even if it's just 5 bucks. Boys always need to have haircut frequently .. $5 do add up in the long run! If hubby would let me, I would like to trim his hair too but he wont let me, hahaha!!!

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: Really? Thanks Jan! hehehe...i just chin chai cut..and somemore he wont stay still one eh

Grace: ehhehe yea lor...wah..almost every month eh..beh tahan man! ...hehehehe..Kiwi G no trust u ar? kekekeke.. ;)

letti said...

wow, ryan so big boy already. man o man, they grow up fast.. but still so cheeky cute leh!

Gene Lim said...

Letti: YUP...very talkative now... yes indeed...they are like rocket..shooting away.... hehehe
Thanks.. :)