Friday, May 25, 2007


Man, today is not my day at all! I didn't get any sleep from yesterday due it was too hot and humid plus Ryan was awake till quite late due to same reason.
PIL woke 4 am to get ready to go to work...and everyday when they got up, i sure got awaken from the noise and the smell of toast bread...
sigh...i was soo frustrated today and my mood was very bad.

Worst part was i have driving lesson. Ai yo..i tell ya... last week i was okie one..i have the confident to control the car and everything..but today...really "hak chai" man...
Even the traffic is not helping at all..

I made soo many mistakes till the instructor was surprised!
I learned my lesson, never drive when u r tired or moody!

The thing is i am going to sit for my driving test this coming thursday..
DIE la me!
what to do mannnnnn!
seriously i am freaking out...
everyone tell yo..what to freak out...if fail..go for second time..
well u situation is different..
i can't afford for second time... money and time wise..
I already paid soo much for the lesson...each session 25 bucks for 40 mins...sometimes i go for double session..

So please..can everyone pray for me!!! Pretty please..
test is on Thursday at 11.25 am.



mama bok said...

Praying for you .. Gene..!
You can do it..!

G @ said...

poor u! will keep u in my prayers. is it thursday the 31st May? may i ask how many lessons were need? I totally understand ur situation, u simply cant afford having to sit through it a second time even if u hv the extra money. C'mon Gene u can do it!!

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok : Thank you Jan..thank you very much :)

Grace: yea..31st May... well, i go by hours one...and according to my confident lor..if i feel i need more..i will take more lor...
Thank you Grace..thank you very much :)

Joez said...

God will be with you to guide you, no worries. I was nervous too...but once you said your prayers, HE will 'drive' for you ;)

Gene Lim said...

Sis: thanks! I will...thank you for praying for me :)