Monday, May 14, 2007

Time to catch up...

PIL are home today... not working for few it will be pro and cons for me.
As for the pro part..i can catch up with my high school diploma assignments..yea..i am really way behind it..still on Psychology...doing the exam thing.
The cons side will be..they are around!

Well, that's life i guess..i can't have everything. I can finish my school work..but by the time i finish my school work, i think i will have more housework to do.
House will definitely more messy and dirty!

Is already mid May, i am counting the days...4 more months till i start school!
Can't wait.. i can look for part time job at school..doing something related to my field. I can't wait to finish school to be exact! hahahah..look how greedy i am..
I love to be around people.. if i have the chance to work in ER..i will be the most happiest nurse in the world!!
BUt of course i have to score good score in order to get to that position...
Pray hard and i will try my best! :)


Zara's Mama said...

All the best yeah..

Haha.. your con really very prejedice woh.. jsut b'cos they are around bcom con liao.

mama bok said...

You can do it ..Gene..!! It is gonna be tough.. but look at the pot of gold.. at the end of the rainbow ya..!
When you are done school and all.. no one can bully you .. and you can have the final say.. in alot of things.. ! on top of it.. can buy loads of goodies... for Ryan.. and help Kit out.. in the household expenses.

G said...

u are getting there gene. no pain no gain as u already know. i hate the pain part but well, that's life hor? Wow ER, u're very brave! Nursing is such a good career, shortage of nurses in Oz :P

Gene Lim said...

ZM: thankds dear... yea..prejudice or not ..well, wait till u meet them..u will totally agree with me ;)

Mamabok: Yea more bullying from my MIL esp...i guess..she probably will kiss my A S S getting overreacting here..

G: Yea..everyone has to go through the pain :(
I am not brave..hehe..but maybe i like those actions on the spot thingy? that one i like :)