Friday, May 04, 2007

what's new...

So much is going overhere..i am just keeping quiet about it and i am feeling tired, overwhelming, exhausted, worn out, annoyed, upset,... stresssed!

Yup... i just recently work on a questionnaire abt stress and guess where i stand... my stress level is on the dangerous zone..anytime i can burst out and become cook koo...
sighhhh.... i know i need to stay calm and stress free... easier to say than done eh..
tooo much for me already eh....

I bet u guys can guess where and what my problems are huh? hehehehe...same old ones...
nothing just more and more to come and i am getting sick of it!
I just wish i can just run away and hide myself somewhere where no body can find me...
but on the other hand i have Ryan to take care.
I am hanging there...i am trying my very best here...u should see my panda eyes... getting darker each day eh..
i am soo stress out till i get insomnia...

I need a break from everything... coz rite now... i am a slave to everyone here..
I am no joking..i am serious.
No appreciation and nothing...just more shit for u to do!!


mama bok said...

I hear you .. Gene..!! i too sometimes.. feel like shouting out.. and throwing a tantrum.. but because of chloe.. and not wanting to frighten her.. i just hang on .. like you .. and hope for a better tomorrow.
No worries.. no one appreciate you .. ??? you just love yourself more.. coz' if you donch .. how can you love your son.. and others.. right..?? that's what i tell myself.. all the time.
Everynite.. when i go to bed.. i daydream.. and hope.. hope for what i want.. afterall.. we all have gotta have some hope right..??
Hang in there.. for Ryan's sake.. and try to stay as positive as possible..! i know it isn't easier.. but that's all being a mother and a wife is all about..! nothing matters.. except your son.. *hugs*..!
You take good care..Gene..!!

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: *tears rolling down my cheek* Thank you Jan, i really appreciate ur help and support. I am hanging tough here..coz of Ryan.. If is not for Ryan, i am sure i already off to somewhere i can live peacefully eh :) u know what i mean rite :)
I am praying hard everynite for strength...and guidance and of coz patience... just have to be tough here.. *hugs*
THank you again my dear.. i really need it :)
Muaksz :)

G said...
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G said...

Dear Gene *huggies* for u from me and Bee! I think I know what and who u meant. I can truly imagine ur situation, so much to face and it really doesnt help when the others dont appreciate and see how much effort u've put into everything. U can get through it, u always did! The process may seem long and no doubt painful but u can do it, u always pull through in the end. Insomnia is no good. I wish we live near :) Now, no more tears okie? *huggies* ... Yr target .. come to Sydney for a holiday when Ryan is older and u already earn big big salary from ur nursing career!

Sweetpea said...

hi gene, this is my 2nd time dropping by, after reading mamabok's post. why? becoz when i stumbled upon your post the first time i forgot you to bookmark it, then forgot your blog's name, forgot your name :P coz i remember your cute Ryan in BTB undies :)

that said, we women are a TOUGH bunch! i don't have to say anything else, just one word. RYAN. for me, AIDAN of course. my hubby doesn't even matter, he drop rank long time back.

can i suggest something? u don't have to heed it. during my time of stress, i tried the homeopathic 'Bach's Rescue Remedy'. you should have it at your local chemist or health food store. google it first and find out more. have a little time out yourself, take a half hour walk by yourself if u can.

remember, god gave women the strength no man can understand. anyway, mamabok said, a little encouragement goes a long way, and i merepek more than her :)

Health Freak Mommy said...

Hi Gene. I read of ur situation from MamaBok's blog. Although Im very time-pressed to read ur entire blog to know what's causing u ur stress, but I think i roughly know lar, being lui yan, if not DH 'kek', then kids 'kek', if not then $$ probs, these are the common probs, cant run away.

I sometimes do feel really stressed up to, like there's no real meaning in life. No one appreciates me. I've alwiz wanted to be a SAHM but heck, i m one now and yet i feel down, petulant, angry, frustrated, etc. What's wrong?

Pray and try engaging in some activities that u like to keep ur mind occupied. My all-time best stress-busters are retail theraphy, exercising and blogging.

Good luck to you. God loves u & Ryan needs a happy mama.


Vivianz said...

This is my first time dropping by. Please take good care of yourself. You are in my prayer, Dear Gene.

Sasha said...

hi gene. every mom will have this kinda mixed feeling. Its normal. I sometimes felt like i'm gonna go crazy and start to think of silly things. Just look at yr kid and you'll get back on track. Hang in there! *hugs*

wmw said...

Hey, hang in there...we usually sail through the stormy weather eventually. Have good thoughts...thoughts become things! (fr : The Secret)

Gene Lim said...

Dear All,

Thank you for all your supports... i felt so touched and i appreciate it all :)
I am hanging in there for Ryan of course.. and soon my life will be better! I know HE will watch over me!
Thank you MAMABOK! LOVE u ALL!
Bless u all kind heart ppl!

becky's mum said...

Just remember, GOD will always be there for you! Ganbatte!

Wokking Mum said...

Hi Gene!
I popped over from MamaBok.
Life is ful of ups and downs. Sometimes when I'm unhappy, I wonder why is my life like this but I kept reminding myself there are so many pple out there whose life if much more worst than mine and I'm already very fortunate. Take a shower have a good night rest and you will feel better. Think positive and think for happier things. You will pull thru each day.

Anyway, hope you are feeling better already. Take care!

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Gene
Dont worry, things can only get better. I know. I was in that boat once. Take care

mama bok said...

Hey.. Gene,
Just dropping by .. to kaypoh sikit .. and making sure you are doing ok..! You hang in there gal..! we all supporting you ya..!!

Joez said...

Sis, sorry for not being there for you, but remember I am always 'there' for yr heart. U can call me anytime, any hour, any minute if you need to talk / whine. Hope you're feeling much better now. God Loves You and we love u, Ryan loves his dearest mommy :)
Muuakkksss !!