Monday, May 21, 2007

Victoria Day weekend outing

We went to Toronto Zoo on Saturday and it was Ryan and my first time there. We reach the zoo at 9.30 am and it was like an hour drive from Hamilton. That day was perfect, the weather was not hot and cold..just the rite temperature for us :)

The Zoo is huge and we did not finished viewing every animals there. I missed the Americas, Eurasia, Australian sections. Will go next time.
Kit managed to collect enough air miles points to exchange for 4 tickets..and Ryan is free for the admission. How great is that!
Our first small vacation or outing for 2007 :)
Cheap outing for poor people like us ..hehehehe
Overall, the trip was splendid..except that i was dead tired man!
Imagine this big momma...walking up the steep hills...omigosh... it was unbelievable ..i was surprised that i made it..hahahaha...

The outfit i was wearing on that day..was the Mother's Day gift from lovely hubby!
I seriously need to loose weight...i know i will..when i starts school..coz i will be walking around the campus and taking buses :)


mama bok said...

Lucky you ..!! going for outing..!! we were stucked in the store.. and till today.. the brat still donch wanna behaved.. and eat her dinner.. for me..!! Ryan looks so grown up..!! i love his outfit.. alot.. ;) You did great..Gene..!! He is such a pride to look at.. ;) Kit looked really happy too.. ;)

G @ said...

looks so fun. everyone's so happy. i love ur tee-shirt color and ur cute hat too! dont worry gene, the weight will come off once u start school. love all the photos, very colorful. we're planning a trip to the zoo+aquarium too when Bee could walk steadily.

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: I know u you guys has to work very hard due to can't find any good assistants...hmm i wish you and PB can have some breaks too eh..
Thanks ...u r very kind ...he is the one that kept me alive! ehhehehe

G: hehehe...thanks...first time wearing bright colours..kekeke that's great..i bet little Bee will love it very much :)
I been to Torranga zoo over in Sydney..i am not sure with the spelling..i remember we have to take ferry or something..