Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rod Stewart or the Rod Father....

What a blessing from GOD. You guys would not believe what happened to me yesterday...hahahaha..
Yesterday morning i brought Ryan to downtown Hamilton to visit my ex-boss and of course for a bus ride as well.
Ryan loves the bus ride and of course lunch at McDonald. He loves the new Chicken Snack Wrap.

It was nice to see all my ex-colleagues ..they were so surprise to see me :) The juicy part was.. Lillian (my ex-boss) told me that they are going to Rod Stewart concert tonight (yesterday nite) ...and was asking me whether i could join them or not..they have one extra ticket.

So i was like cool! a concert! i never been to a concert b4...and is free.
What a blessing i tell ya..
I came back drop off Ryan home and rest abit..called Kit and told him that i am going to Rod Stewart's concert! hahhaha
Can see my MIL's was like cloudy like wanna have rain storm or soemthing..but i dun care! I deserve my break man!
I got changed and took the bus down again to meet up Lilian and Anita. We had dinner at My Thai restaurant..i ordered dried Curry beef with string beans...i never get the chance to eat beef at all..due to in laws are Buddhist..
so..whenever i had a chance..i will order beef :)
Then we had coffee at Tim Hortons...waited till 8 pm for the concert.
IT was awesome..i had a great time..
That few hours...i was totally myself..forgetting everything at home..
I remembered i thank GOD in the middle of the concert..for giving me this chance!
I needed it soo badly was totally refreshing for me!

so..PIL's presence is not totally all cons after all..kekekke ;)


mama bok said...

Wow..!! that's so cool.. Gene..!! you should blog about the concert too..!! I wished we were nearer to each other... so we can give support to each other..!

G @ said...

gene, u sure needed that! glad u got the break! wah got to watch rod stewart, shioknya! i've never been to a rockstar concert b4 coz my other half not interested. maybe nx time go with Bee, hahaha!

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: I know! i wish too eh... one day i will definitely go visit u :)

Grace: i know!i am not a fan of RS, but who free and i can get a break from everything! :)
hehehe same with Kit too..he is not those easy going type of person...too rigid..or i call KAYU!
yea..maybe next time u can go with BEE :)

Joez said...

walaueh, Rod Stewart wor !! I think Dad would love to switch place with too, I dun mind watching Rod Rock man! so cool !!
Glad u have the break sis. Cheers!

Gene Lim said...

Sis: I know..Dad will FLIP! hehehehe...Thanks sis... :)