Thursday, August 25, 2005

How to get ur toddler zzz?

Hmm Ryan is 19 months old today. I am facing this problem as in to put him to sleep in the afternoon.
Hai yo..very tired, tried to bath him and give him his bottle after that, hoping he will sleep rite after the bottle... but he is soo wide awake after the bottle.
Running around, up and down the staircase.

I am writing this while watching him at the same time. :(

The older he gets the lesser he wants to nap during the afternoon. Very hyper nowadays.

WHat to do?
Any suggestions??


letti said...

ah..that reminds me of my nephews..they are such bundles of sister called me from m'sia the other day because glendon wanted to talk to ji ee ( second aunt ) and uncle dabi ( david..LOL ) and then he talked and talked and recited nursery rhymes etc..he'll be 2 in december, so it's a little like ryan..what a lot of work! make sure you get enuff rest, girl.

Gene Lim said...

AAwee that is soo sweeeeeet! hehe so when are u getting ur little prince or princess? or both? ;)

Yea very tiring eh... but i can't wait till next year so that i can put Ryan to day care and i start looking for a real job(job that i like :) )

letti said... little prince or princess no where in sight yet lah..hehehe