Monday, August 01, 2005

bohoo holiday is over :(

Today will be the last day of our holiday together for this is soo sad. tomorrow Kit has to go back to work.

We really had a great time for the past week. Kit got the basement done a little bit and we managed to spend lotsa time together shopping and going to trails for our exercise..hehehe.. Yup our dieting activities been going on very well. Kit and I shed a few pounds.
and of course Ryan..he enjoyed the most..hehehe he really happy to sees his daddy every morning when he wakes up :)

Tonite we are going to have our first steamboat together in this's been a long time i had steamboat eh.. i think it was the nite b4 i gave birth to Ryan. ;)

I have just dyed my hair just now... to light brown colour ..heheh just to hide my grey hair. Yup i have grey hairs since i was 7 years old. Got it from my granny. Runs in the family i guess.. Her hair was all grey when she turns 40 years old. :)
Some ppl says that i think too much... well, not 100% true least maybe some percentage lor :)

Tomorrow will be another boring day for me..back to my normal daily routine. :(


Nate said...

Hello Gene, you have a very nice blog! Congrats...

Joez said...

hey, i was thinking of having mine in red again...hehe.

Gene Lim said...

Nate: Thanks Nate. :)

Sis:yea the red looks good on u! the colour i put yesterday didn't turn out good. I mean cannot see the light brown at just appear black and covers all my grey hair.