Saturday, August 13, 2005

pretty rough time..

I had pretty rough time last couple days. Lotsa things running inside my brain that stressed me out. On Thursday, i had a doctor's appointment for mamography and scanning for my both breast. I found lumps on my both breast.
Kit took off day that day to take me to the hospital. On the same day Kit had a job interview at 8 am. The interview went well for him. It was a big company that make forklift and is a US based company. He really likes the company and really hope that he can get the job. Rite now he is waiting for second interview with the Engineering manager.
Kit loves the working hours... mon-thurs starts around 8am till 4.30 pm and every friday starts at 8 am till 12.30 pm. Isn't it awesome?
Is nearer and Kit gets to sleep in for an extra hour if he gets the job.
Just pray hard he gets it!

As for muaaaa... sighhh.. of coz i am worried sick abt my situation but i didn't show it coz dun wanna spoil kit's mood for his interview.
My appointment was scheduled at 1 pm.
He got back around 9 am that day. It went well i guess.. am glad for that.
We reached the hospital around 12.45pm and registered myself at the reception desk.
Then came a nurse or mamography technologist brougt me to the mamogram room. There i have to wear the gown and Kit and Ryan waited outside the room for me.
The mamogram hurts alot. The nurse took 4 pictures and sent me off to the scanning dept where i have waited for few mins before a scanning technologist came for me.
They did the scanning and didn't find anything that is serious. THank God for that part but.. they are not doctor. They will send the results to my family doc and my doc will call me next week to tell me the report.
Just praying hard that everything is okie.
Am worried coz my mom's side has a history of cancer.

The worst part of that day was after the whole thing in the hospital, i have to work that day too. Started work around 5 pm. I wasn't feeling good that evening. Felt like wanna faint while i was walking to work.
Maybe i was too stressed out last few days.

I am just too worried that if anything happens to me, there is no one to take care of Ryan.
Is funny because before Ryan, my life is just mainly myself.
When i have Ryan already, the first thing comes to my mind is Ryan. Everything has to do with Ryan.
Really missed him alot when i am at work.
Guess every mother has that kind of feeling.

Oh well, i am very grateful and thankful for everything that He has blessed me with. No complains at all!
Just wanna count the blessings everyday! AMEN!


Joez said...

Don't worry, continue to pray to God. Take care and let us know when you have your results.
God bless.

Mrs B said...

Difficult not to fret but hang in there, pray hard too.

Gene Lim said...

thanks sis. will let u know when i get my report.

Mrs B: yup i will, thanks :)
Praying everyday! :)

letti said...

it's a good thing though, that you had the exam..all the best!!!!!

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