Monday, August 08, 2005

Great Dim Sum

Yesterday was a great day for us. We brought Nellie, Alfie and Doris to Dim Sum at Crystal Dynasty restaurant. They loved it! It was their first time having the real chinese food. They tried "har kau"(shrimp dumpling), "siew mai"(pork dumpling), shrimp egg roll, fried shrim salad, fried turnip danish, ribs with black bean sauce, chee cheong fun with chinese pastry, chee cheung fun with fried tofu, bbq pork bun, beef with black bean sauce and bean curd and fruit cocktail for dessert.
They tried everything. :)
I am so glad that they really like the food.
After dim sum, they came over to the house for visit. We had the small cheesecake coated with chochalte. it was nice and full for everyone. heheheh eating non-stop eh.
They stayed for few hours and left around 2pm.
Nellie wasn't really happy as in she is still in the process of grieving of Albert's passed.

I was working yesterday too. I took extra hours just to earn extra bucks.
It was okie and normal.
My performance was evaluated yesterday without my knowledge. My surpervisor was listening to the calls that i take. I didn't realize it till she printed the report and handed it over to me.
Lucky that i didn't swear or anything ..heheheh
oh well, i never do that unless the customer is rude to me. NOrmally i will just come back and let it out over here..kekekek

My performance was okie..they graded me excelent with customers..hahahah. I am just lucky only to have customers that were nice yesterday. :) Is a blessing from HIM.

The next evaluation will be next month. Will see how i do ;)


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hehehe..will send some for u ;)

Can u get any dim sum overthere?