Sunday, August 28, 2005

Tummy -ache

I had a bad tummy-ache on Friday because i ate too much grapes...hehehe..yea FIL works in the vineyard and he picked lotsa fresh grapes. Yummie and sweet. He gave us a lot too. So on thursday nite i ate a lot... (what to do.."tum chiak" maa...)

Friday morning i felt lousy and i visited the washroom more than 8 times to boo boo... hai yo...cham laaaaa.... sooo i didn't get to work on Friday nite. Call in sick. :(

No choice la..i felt lousy too... but luckily the warm water helps me a lot. I am much better now.


Joez said...

aiyo...take care. Dun take milk or oily stuff. If still not ok, go see doc.

Gene Lim said...

dun worrie i am much better now sis :)

letti said...

yikes! eat grapes until lau sai..kesian.

Gene Lim said...

yea lor letti, what to do..tum chiak maa..hehehehe ;)