Friday, August 19, 2005


Hey is Friday and do i really feel happy and excited like everyone else ? NOPE! hehehehe.. my version of TGIF will be TGIM. yup Monday instead of Friday. Sigh, i gotta work late tonite and Friday nite normally heck bussier than every other day.

But Kit and Ryan, they are really happy. Kit don't have to wake up at 5 am tomorrow morning and Ryan gets to spend time with his daddy.
I am not going to let the work thing bothers me coz we are going to visit my aunt in Toronto this sunday! Yippieeeeeee.
Yup we planned to have Japanese food in North York. My aunt is going to show us the place and of course i will handle the bill. Ahem...hehe yea liao maa..must take care of the bill lor. :)
My aunt told me that place is all u can eat buffet kinda thing but is not the normal buffet. We get to sit and order as many as we can but provided we must finish it all.
If not there will be extra charge for it for the leftovers. So we don't have to get up and walk around to get the food. AWESOMEEEE!
Sounds good.
Least i dun have to worrie abt Ryan roaming around the restaurant..kekekke
Can't wait for Sunday.

Pray hard Sunday come faster!!

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letti said...

hi there! i just found out yesterday that blogger has set up a spam control. Go to your dashboard, then to settings and comments..choose spam control, Yes. It will show those wiggly words you have to type in before you can comment .. :) I've set mine! :)

cheh, i just scrolled down and realised you've set yours already..LOL!!!

have a great weekend..letti