Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Perfect Lunch!!

Woohooo what a perfect lunch on Sunday ! Is worth the money! We went for Japanese food buffet. We had grill eel on the rice, Salmon head (deep fried), miso soup, Grilled Saba ( a type of fish) terriyaki chicken, California rolls, tempura, Oshinoko rolls, Egg rolls, (orange egg ), etc.
BOyyyyyyy we only pay 52 bucks (taxes included) for all the food.
Is all u can eat.Mannnnnnnnnnn i never had such a good japanese food with this price.

This place is located in Scarborough and the owner is from Hong Kong. Hmmm one thing abt them is they dun know how to speak English. Our cantonese is not very good. So we are kinda mistreated by them. A little biase from them due to my Aunty doesn't speak Cantonese at all.
They give u this weird look.

And worst part is they charge Ryan as small toddler price instead of baby price (or should be free)
SO when the bill came we saw 8.99 for baby. My aunt argued that they shouldn't charged at all.. coz Ryan didn't eat 9 bucks value of food.
Then the manager was having hard time arguing with us..coz he doesn;t know how to speak English. Hmmm come on Canada... u should learn at least the basic one.

This is the certain Chinese attitute i observe here in Canada. They do not want to venture out the box. Only stay in their own comfortable space. The manager thought his business is good enough coming from their very own kind. No point of learning English. WIll never have Westerners coming in for food.
Very wrong thinking!
Not every Chinese know how to speak Cantonese. Not every chinese from Hong Kong.
His perspective very narrow.

Anyway, he managed to give us another price and he charged Ryan 5 bucks instead of 9 bucks.
Hmmmmmm....too bad the service is baddddd.... if not everything will be perfect.
The food is good. the setting of the restaurant is perfect too..
buttt service???? very bad!!
That's why i did not give them any tips at all...heheheheh
too bad laaaaaa....
He asked for it. When he argued with us.. he didn't even apologize at all. As a manager....or business owner...u sure hope every of ur customers will come back second time..
at least have the courtesy to apologize!!!
how to do business like that..


letti said...

8.99 for a baby?@?@?@? are you kidding me?!?!?!? what toddler eats that much..cheh.

Gene Lim said...

yeaaaaaa tell me abt it!! that's why...too bad the service is bad man...if not everything will be perfect!!