Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Without daddy around

Ryan got up this morning looking for his daddy. Poor baby..hehehe... he was up around 7 am as usual..and calling "ba ba" and searching up and down for his daddy. He looked a little disappointed and i told him ba ba already went to work and will be back later around 5.30 pm.

Lucky that he did not show any tantrums ..phewwwwww...i thot he will not behave today but amzingly he took it okie. Rite now he is snoozing away :)

I didn't feel good either today coz it is not the same anymore. For the past week, i woke up and Kit was there and i asked him what he wants for breakfast. Today i have to have breakfast alone with Ryan. :(
Time really flies eh..i just wish we can have another week to enjoy..hehehe

I did lotsa cleaning today. I have cleaned the rangehood and stove. Boyyy, lotsa grease everywhere. I took Ryan out to the backyard for awhile. He was soo excited playing with the plastic empty pots and his prem.
As he was busy playing, i quickly sweep the driveway and took out some weeds.
Today is very hot and humid. Tomorrow will be even worst humid index will go up to 44 degrees celcious.
Hmm we have to on the air conditioner again. : ( there goes the bill!

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