Tuesday, September 23, 2008

what's new

Nothing is new... i am here still awake at 11.10 pm..while waiting for my hair to get dry and trying to settle down from almost 12 hours of studying.

I have test tomorrow...and i am still not yet ready...my brain is not functioning today.
I miss spending time with Ryan.. i miss reading with him...trying to write with him..i miss those time a lot.
But i have no choice... Kit is there to help me to do that..but still is different..
I personally want to spend time with Ryan.

Ryan is doing alright in school...love it very much! We got him a new hobby lately...which is swimming..SIL is taking Ryan to swim during the weekends...and they are going again this coming weekend.
I wish i can join..but ai yo..me overloaded with my school work..
plus exam exam..almost everyday and everyweek.
I am swammped!
Counting my days till first week of December..then i will be done with semester 3!
Looking forward!
Next april..i will be done! wohoooooooooooo!


Joez said...

Sis, hang on and i am sure you will be fine. It's good to turn things positively...see the good sides of it and choosing to enjoy your life more. Take care !!

Asianmommy said...

Yay--you're almost done!

mama bok said...

I know how you feel.. :(
I feel the same way too.. when i can't spend enough time with chloe.. and i do see her almost all the time.. except for a few hours.. at the store.. on fridays and saturdays.. but still i feel awful.. so i can imagine.. you will feel even worst. But hang in there.. because in the end .. you will have a better life for all of you .. :) hang in there.

barramundi said...

yahoo! april
kah yao!

mommibee said...

nx april not that faraway, b4 u kno, u're done with all the books and exams! yay for u!

Mel said...

hope u are doing well...since no update from you for a while.
Wishing you a Happy 2009 ahead!