Thursday, September 11, 2008


On Wednesday, we learned assertiveness behaviour in our professional development class. Coming from Asian background...we are trainned to be passive and submissive to everyone who is in authority.

Now, how to say NO to your boss or senior colleague or even your Mother IN Law? hehehe... i find that class very meaningful especially for me because i can see me being submissive and passive when i start my nursing career.

I had a great experience ..such as conflict with MIL mother in law's background is she perceive that she is always right about everything. She won't accept my ideas or ways of doing things... or confrontation or criticism.
Is hard for me..because... I really do not wish to creat wars in the family...especially Ryan is in the house.

How I MIL understands that i can express and explain to her clearly.
Seriously..if she understands english or i speak mandarin..i think things will be better.

Oh well... we really have to be in..getting our needs met but without jeopardizing the relationship with whoever u r dealing with it.

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