Friday, September 19, 2008

first conversation

This week i officially working as a psych nurse (in training)..boy..i tell not as easy as i thought.
Well for sure we don't have to rush a lot as compared to medical unit except for morning 8 am meds.
But we do a lot of observation, brain-storming to guess our client's pyschosis behaviour.
Yesterday was a buddy-up with a staff nurse day..and i was having a great time. Learned a lot from her. Managed to spend time with one of this client...diagnosed with manic bipolar disorder. Poor man...he seems all right and very pleasant..due to he has been taking his psychotic medication to control the pyschosis symptoms.

He is telling me that he has a date and job interviews. These people are normal human beings..who wanted to be normal like anybody else..just that..they have no choice to get this sickness..and they are all in need of help.
Too bad..our society shunned them.... and isolate them.

Today i get to work alone by having one patient of my own. Doing meds and interviews for the first time..boy..i was nervous...
this client of mine...her diagnosis was schizoaffective disorder...her symptoms are not enought to diagnosed as schizophrenia..but she only a few of schizophrenia symptoms such as delusions, hallucinations..and disorganized thoughts.

She denied she has sickness..and believe everyone is. Having thoughts someone has broken into her house ..tampered with her stuff and food in the fridge.
FBI and terrorist ppl calling her and wanted her to open up a meat business..
very interesting lady...
Last week, when i was reading the text about delusions...i cannot have a sense of it..but today..i really do!
My patient's thoughts are very disorganised!

I find it psychiatry field is challenging..not only u need the med nursing skills...u need to have the "brainy" skills to deal with ur patients.
It is very rewarding to see patients getting better and discharged and go out to community and getting a job.
The feeling is hard to explain..just feeling great!


letti said...

i'm glad you're enjoying all of this.. it really is quite an experience :)

Joez said...

wow, very interesting indeed !