Thursday, September 04, 2008

the Day has come

Yup the big day has come for my little one... is time for him to go for full day school. Yup he is starting tomorrow ...same day as i have to go for my orientation day.
Ryan and myself visited the school and the class room teacher yesterday. Mrs. F seems very nice and soft spoken type of teacher.
Ryan got excited when he sees the classroom filled with small chairs, tables, computers, kitchen look alike set in the midldle, board filled with alphabets...snack area...and computers.
I was very glad that Ryan is comfortable with his friends and teacher. I am no surprised that Ryan is the tallest among all the kids in his group..coz he is one year late to enroll in Junior Kindy due to he is January baby.

Thank God that he used to the environment due to he was there for the day care. The reason I enrolled him in Catholic because the day care is in the school building. School time will be 9 am till 3.30 pm...but due to we have to go to work and school...we are sending him to before and after day care program.
Kit will be sending Ryan to day care at 7 am..and i will do my best to pick him up at 4 pm.
Poor Ryan has to get up will be tough for everyone at start..but i pray that everyone can get through it easy and everything will go smoothly.

As for me...i am not ready to go back...i don't think my brain is as "sharp" as before...i need to refresh back my nursing skills...jeeze..the injections hahaha..hate that..
i will have to do one special injection called Z track injection... that injection is specially for mental health patients.
Boy..i just have to whoop my but real hard again this time.... back to slaving days again....1 more year to't wait till next ..i will be done!


letti said...

ooo check out the Z track injection :)

Gene Lim said...

Hi Letti...thanks galfriend!

mama bok said...

You go gal..!