Tuesday, September 16, 2008

long week...

This week is pretty tough for everyone of us due to Kit is adjusting himself at his new job in Mississauga...he seems overwhelm due to different technology and systems he has to learn.
Ryan is officially starting school...he seems alright and happy about it. However, my concern is his health..due to he has to wake up early ...only having a bottle of milk..and then ..kit has to send him to day care at 7 am. Usually the day care will provide breakfast..but my mind will not at peace without actually seeing with my own eyes that my baby is eating...there is a certain percentage that Ryan is not eating..depending on what they are serving.
If i feed him from home..it will be too early...i already having troubles..asking him to drink his milk.
His school starts at 9 am till 3.30 pm.....we send him to day care at 7 am..so basically he is having a full day like us!
I really feel sorrie for Ryan..but we have no choice.
Monday went well for him...i picked him up straight from day care right after my class finished at 3 pm...
Gosh..it was hectic for me..due to..monday i have 8 am class...till 3 pm..then rush to his day care...pick him up..come back...give him milk first...then start cooking ..
it was boom.. boomm...boom...and i still need to work on my studies after i settle everything.
BOy..i am exhausted..even now.. still am...today Ryan is off from school..coz his schedule is alternate schooling days.
Therefore..i stayed at the library till about 6 this evening..to finish off my studying and homework.
My brain is shutting down now... i want to sleep..but too much stuff to do..

My assignments and exams are coming soon..every one of them are piling up...just waiting for me...
back to old schedules..man..i am so lazy after the break..it is hard for me to switch back.
Is like running old systems now eh...so slow...brain not functioning..hehehe

I hope next week will be better...really hoping!


letti said...

hang in there gene.. *HUGGGGSSSS*

mama bok said...

Hang in there..! you can do it.. ! it's hectic here for me too.. and same about chloe's breakkie in the morning.. but these days.. i trick her ... and told her if she finish her breakkie.. she gets chips for snacks at 10am. And she doesn't have to finish her lunch if she didn't want to.

Joez said...

Sis, u r really Superwoman. Take a break if u really need to. Remember to breathe...i guess u are giving yrself too much mental stress.
Take care ok.