Friday, September 05, 2008

over excited..

I got over excited yesterday about going back to school today plus Ryan's first day of full day at school. I did not sleep for the whole night yesterday. This morning i have to get up at 6 am...boy it was dreadful.
My eyes were hardly open...

I don't know why i am over excited...maybe because i was worried about Ryan's first day at school.
I need to pack 2 snacks and one lunch for him...and have to make sure he can differentiate between the snacks and lunch. Smart thing to do is..(being told by the teacher) pack snacks in the paper bag and lunch in the lunch box.

I gave Ryan some baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, and goldfish crackers for his snacks..and peanut butter sandwhich for his well as 2 boxes of juices..for his twice snack times.

He made it! He survived the first day..and he made a lot of friends. He ate his snacks and lunch :)
I am a happy camper here :)
Praise the Lord!

As for me...boy i am very overwhelm with my studies stuff.. So stressful as in I have so much to prepare for next week's classes. I need to get all my homework done by sunday. I will be having a math test this i hate new semester..coz they make us review back our medication's dosage calculations..

I hate math!

I will be busy till beginning of December.
It will be an interesting semester this time..due to we get to do Phsychiatric Nursing...which everyone refer it to the darkness of Nursing program.

Shall find out the truth!


mama bok said...

Wow..!! ryan did good..!! chloe cried the 2nd day.. and today she told me . .she didn't wanna go to school.. *pengshan*

Gene Lim said...

Hi mamabok,

Well..We are lucky because the day care that ryan went is in the same building of the school he is attending. So, he is familiar with the environment. Chloe is different..because she did not attend day care is a bit hard for her at first.
I am very sure in another few more weeks..she will get used to it.
Ryan cried almost 1 month when we first sent him to day care...he even cried till he puke..kekekek..
but he got over it.
I know is hard for us too..especially the thought of our child being afraid and crying..
is really very heavy heart for us to leave them there.