Sunday, September 07, 2008

friendly gesture?

Guess what happened on Friday when Ryan started his first day of orientation at school?
He made lots of friends ...especially with this Jacob kid that is in his class.

Ryan already asked Jacob to come over to the house to play with him. Friendly gesture huh? Gosh..i dunno where he gets this idea...and so friendly.

When he got back from school..we were asking how was school and everything:

Me: So,'s school? Did u make a lot of friends?

Ryan: 2 Jacobs...another Jacob..i like Jacob..we play playdoh..

Me: Wow, 2 Jacobs ..that's nice..

Ryan: Yea..Jacob coming to house and play with me...he said yes..

Me: Ohh? U asked Jacob to come over to your house and play?

Ryan: 2 minutes...he is coming... (Ryan still does not know how the time works)

Me and Kit: LOL..(speaking to each other) wow..look at our son..very socialize...

Ryan: Ya...Unbelievable...

Me and Kit: LOL..hahhaha..we didn't know where and when he learn this word!


letti said...

awww your ryan so lek chai and friendly.. of course learn from you and Kit lah :) So hospitable one.. hehhehehe.

Joez said...

i think learn from u la sis, banyak PR ! Hahaha

mommibee said...

glad to see he's doing great! he's a good kid and obviously a well liked one :)

Christy said... cute, and such a smart little kid!:)
I am sure he inherited all the great genes from his wonderful parents:D

Gene Lim said...

Hi letti: hehhe times he really cracks us up :) We hope he stays like this..:)

Hey sis: hehehe...pai seh...

Hi Grace: thanks grace..u r always very kind to Ryan and us. :)

Hi Christy: Thanks for visiting and your kind words :)