Friday, May 16, 2008

what to do?

I feel so lost...don't know what to do here. Remember the interview I had 2 weeks ago? Well, last Tuesday, the lady called me telling me everything seems going great..except they need another reference from somebody else and not my classmate. So i gave Lilian's phone number (my ex-boss where I volunteer b4). Before she hang up, she said..she will call me after that.

I was so happy ...she sounded so positive that i will get the job. So i waited and waited, no call from her till today. I called Lilian and Lilian told me that lady sounded very eager to hire me.

But she didn't call me back! I am left hanging here eh. I gave her a call today to follow-up..and she was not there. I left a message and and she didn't return my call either. Is already 5 pm and this monday is long weekend holiday. :(

I am so frustrated here. I felt like so lousy i cannot get a job...i just dunno what to do at home nowadays. So lazy! My brain is not working.
I miss the library at school! I miss studying. I miss doing homework!

Is hard to get satisfy...clock is ticking... so many things i need to finish. I still have to finish my high school diploma, one more book to do and an exam to write.
I have to get my G2 license before July if not my license will expire :(
With me listing it gives me the shivers eh..
I still need to go to school to practice my skills... mannn... how u people do it?

Past 2 weeks, I have been sick and lost my voice. It sounded like a broken record. I couldn't sleep at nite...been coughing like crazy!
My garden is like a dump! The weeds are growing like crazy.
Instead of getting the things done, I am here to complain..hahahaah..


mama bok said...

Ahh..! donch worry..! all thing come together.. to those who love God.. and abide in his will. If this job doesn't work out.. it means.. it was never meant for you .. :) Have a great weekend..!

Gene Lim said...

Hey Mamabok, Yea..u r absolutely rite! I should enjoy my moments with my family :)
U too..have a great weekend!

mommibee said...

hang in there gene *hugs*
as long as u hv not got a reply from the lady, there is always hope.
u're working very hard, not easy to juggle so many things ... i often wonder how u do it!
i am nowhere as strong and level headed as u.
u kno, u're handling things extremely well!!

Gene Lim said...

HI mommibee, thanks for the encouragement. U are being humble ler. U too have to juggle things with Bee and family too. Every mother has big responsibilities ..
All mothers are tough and strong :)
Thank you again... for all the support and kind words. :)
Meant a lot to me.