Friday, May 02, 2008

4 months break

I have 4 months break b4 i start my crazy schedule again. I am looking for a job now...just to pass time and earn some money and experience.

Just had an interview last Wednesday...for a personal support worker position. I think the interview went comment..they said they will call me end of next week. Hopefully i will get the job!

We are sending Ryan to day care now..coz MIL are working... Day care has no more full time spaces for only go for 1-3.30 pm mon-friday..but is free..coz of Universal program.
If i get a job..i will extend the hours to 6 pm..and i have to pay 12 bucks/day. I think i can afford that..

Hopefully the job pays good..maybe 13bucks/hr..i dunno..heard abt it..but not sure..coz i am student only..i dun have personal support worker certificate..but i do have the i have finished 1 year of nursing course.

anyway...HE WILL PROVIDE.. :) i just have to look and seek for opportunity :)


mama bok said...

I hope you get the job too eh.. :) you take care and enjoy your break.. :)

mommibee said...

hope u get the job Gene!! Let us kno the good news!
congrats on completing ur 2nd semester ... of course u managed, we always knew u would!!
CAD12/day is very good rate compared to AU50-100/day here, it's crazy but we can claim 30% back from the govt. Still expensive!

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: Thanks dear..i really hope so...still waiting for them call me..supposed to call me tomorrow. Will see :)

Mommibee: THanks.. Wah..50-100 bucks a day..that's expensive... but good side to it..u get to claim it that's not too bad. So are u planning to send Phoebe to daycare?

mommibee said...

gene, no lah, i'm not working so no need to send her to daycare. but to Kindy yes, when she's 3 y.o. another year.