Thursday, May 22, 2008

I got the job!

Whooohooooooo! I got the job! Praise the Lord! They are hiring me... Actually i got this good news on Victoria day! Yup, i was too sick to blog about it.
Well, that lady was kind to call me and let me know ...i appreciate that she call me from her home coz it was a holiday on Monday.

She told me everything went well, i have good references and they are interested to hire me. They will schedule an orientation next week and will let me know when i can start working.
But i have to get well very soon! With my condition like this...i don't think my clients will be happy to see me coughing ..hehehehe
Thank you all who pray for me!
Praise the Lord! AMEN!


mama bok said...

Congrats .. Gene..!! you deserve a good job..!! well done.. my dear..! take care .. and speedy recovery.

letti said...

ooo gene, congrats!!!

Joez said...

COngrats sis ! Remember to relax also.

mrs b said...

good for you!

Gene Lim said...

Thank you all! I am truly blessed! :) will try my best to be productive :)