Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I am down with a bad cold

As i have mentioned earlier that I was sick since 3 weeks ago..yea..down with a bad cold. Coughing non-stop with greenish phlegm and sore throat. This virus is bad and strong. I am fighting it with only cough drops and lots of fluids. No anti-biotic for me as is viral infection.

Sigh, I am tired and i sounded like a broken record. Went to a walk-in clinic yesterday because I felt terrible yesterday.
Waited about 1/2 hour then came this young doctor, who didn't even spend 5 minutes checking on me.
What's the matter with today's health care system?
That doctor has bad communication skills with her clients. She treated me as if i am a thing not a person.
U need time to diagnosed the can u tell what's wrong with your patient if u didn't check them properly?

In Canada, if u want to see your family doctor, u have to like book an appointment. Yup, like me coughing till almost dying, still have to wait for weeks to see my doctor.
Therefor u left with no choice, to go to walk in clinics where u can get those any TOM and Harry kinda of doctor who just got out from practice..didn't know what they are doing.

Unlike in Malaysia, if u r sick, u just go to the 24 hours clinic and get fixed!
U dun have to wait or make appointment.
Sigh... how do we improve our health care system here?

Ontario are suggesting tele-health? using computerized diagnosed system? U think this will work?
Hmmm...will see how...
Nurses and doctors are encouraged to go through computer training courses for future health care system.


mama bok said...

Aiyoh..!! down here the same ..!! it's like seeing God..! or even worst..!! and waiting for the doctor.. can be a good 2 hrs..!!
Get well soon ya..!!

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: Yea lor... my gosh! 2 hrs? Even with appointment? this is too much.

I hope so...