Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What's up, Weather?

What's up with the weather? Is almost June, I am freezing cold here. Is 12 degrees Celsius now. I still need to wear my winter jacket when i go out. Is it me or the weather?

I don't know.. i am so afraid of cold nowadays. I used to be superwoman wearing t-shirt only..but now..i need layers and layers of clothing and socks too!
Or maybe i am sick? nah...i am getting old..kekekeke..

No more superchick here anymore.. hehehe just an old hen here... ;)


mama bok said...

No lah.. !! it's the weather here.. it's cold here too.. for us. The sun is out.. but the wind is so chilly..!! still very spring chicken lah.. you .. :)

Gene Lim said...

Hey Mamabok, hehehe..u r too kind. I am no spring chicken eh..heheheh.... ;) today i have to run my heat again..this is crazy.