Friday, May 02, 2008

I am alive!

I am back and alive! hahhaha.. well rested, well charged, well restored..but still tired..kekkekeek

2 weeks ago, i finished my semester 2 ..wohooo..officially...I made it! no more bio for next semester!
I can't believe i made it..i managed to go through my bio! What a blessing!

The first week of my break..i just sit around and do nothing..sleep, watch tv..and play with Ryan!
I took Ryan out..for a bus ride...he loves it! We had so much fun...last week, i think almost every day we went out for bus ride...hhhahha..crazy mommy here..
In Hamilton, we had this big long city bus...i thought i let him try it..
We have 2 kinds of city buses, one is regular one and the other is the long and big one.

When we travel to downtown, we took the regular one. HE is already excited with the regular one...

Our conversations:
Ryan: Wah...hou song...hou chor ar ( feels good...feel nice to ride)

Me: Nice leh.... happy happy mou? (Are you happy?)

Ryan: Nodding his head

Going back from downtown

ME: Yau Zhen, mommy dai nei chor big bus ha... (mommy bring u to ride big bus, okay?)

Ryan: Huh? bigggg? nee kor em big ar? *pointing at the regular bus* (huh? this one is not big? *pointing at the regular bus*)

Me: kor em big la...chin kan nei dai la...nei wooi hou chung yee ka (no..this is not big, later u will see what i mean... u will like it)

Ryan: Okay....

Ryan: Wahhhhhhh... hou big ar...hou big arr ( wah...that is big..that is big)

Me: Big leh...

Me: Har chee you chor big or small ar? (Next time, do u want to ride big or small bus?)

Ryan: Big!!

Ryan: hou fast ar (Is fast too)

* heheheh..he loves the big bus..coz is fast..we call it the Bee line no. 10!


mama bok said...

Well .. congrats..!! i knew you could do it..!!! and the next time i am in Toronto.. you will have to bring us for bus rides too eh.. :)

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: Thank you! Thank you! Toronto? aiks..i am not familiar with Toronto buses ..only Hamilton..maybe we should try the Transit nice ;)