Thursday, May 22, 2008

middle man

Ryan is getting cuter and smarter these days. On Tuesday, we had steamboat for dinner and while we were eating, PIL were talking about their work stuff. All of a sudden, their gentle talks spiral to arguments. PIL are like that, they cannot talk gently to each other. They sure end up with arguments.

While they were arguing, here come our little "middle man" (RYAN) trying to cool off his grandparents.

RYAN: Mou chou la, .... chou chou meh yer? mou chou la...chou dou awe sek yer ar (don't argue la, why you guys want to argue? don't argue la, u r disturbing me eating)

Kit and myself were fact, PIL were kinda ashame as they knew they always argue with each other and they had to be stopped by a 4 year old kid.
It was funny but sweet!


mama bok said...

Hhehhe!! it does sometimes takes a kid to get us grown ups .. to behave eh.. :)

mommibee said...

Smart Ryan!
My PILs are also like that.
Actually it's my MIL who'd scold PIL in public .. go out makan with them feel so malu when MIL does that, hope nx time Phoebe will tell her off, hahah!

mommibee said...

Oh and BIG Congrats on landing the job!!! Gene ah Gene, there is nothing u can't do!!
All the best in ur new job!

NomadicMom said...

That's quite funny! :-D

Gene Lim said...

Mommibee: Ya? mine too... really sometimes we gave up too! heehhe ...lucky u live far away from your PIL :)
Ai yo..u r too kind ler.. I am just very lucky and blessed! :)
Thank you for your support all this while :)

Nomadicmom: yea..thanks for dropping by :)