Friday, May 09, 2008

Doctor Loo

Last Saturday, Kit has to send FIL's car for fixing (muffler problem). It was crappy day due to heavy rain all day. PIL did not work that day. BIL came that day because he has to send his car for fixing too.

About 6 plus in the evening, the mechanic called Kit to pick up the car from the garage. Ryan was fussing to follow his daddy. Kit gave in and let him follow. So there goes the 3 generation of LOOs in the car..

When Kit got back, he was smiling and laughing and he said I have story to tell.
Below are the conversations:

Kit: Hey Hun, u know what happened at the garage ar?

Me: What?

Kit: Ai yo..your son...very funny!

Me: How funny?

Kit: Well, as we arrived at the garage, Ryan came out from the car and went looking around the garage. Dad paid the mechanic and we were all ready to go home. I let Ryan in the car and he started to tell me this:

Ryan: Awe em chung yee kor kor uncle eh.. awe em tong hey say hi (I don't like that uncle... I will not say hi to him)

Kit: Chou meh em chung yee? (Why you don't like that uncle?)

Ryan: Hey pei hak hak, meen hak hak... yucky yucky ar (his nose black black, face black black, yucky yucky ar)

Kit: LOL... hai la..see nei me tok shue la..em tok shue chau hou chee uncle chou mechanic lor ( see, if you don't study hard, u have to be like uncle to become mechanic)

*** No offense to all mechanics, well, mechanics nowadays still have to go to school to get diploma eh..what kit meant was to show Ryan an example..just wanted him to study well or hard and be somebody...(typical chinese thinking)

Ryan: Hai meh? come duk shue dor dor, chou meh yer hou ar? (Really? Then, study a lot, become what that is good?)

Kit: Chou doctor or nurse lor...hou chee mommy..wan dor dor cheen (Become doctor or nurse like mommy...earn lots of money)

Ryan: Hai meh? Awe you chou doctor ar ( Really? I want to become doctor)

*** I laughed till my tummy ached eh..i can't believe my little brat have such thinking...
They really amaze us everyday! :)


mama bok said...

Hehhee!! so smart..!!

mommibee said...

ryan such a smart talker :)
happy mother's day, gene!