Friday, March 23, 2007

Call me crazy...or not?

Well, i just received a phone call from a company i applied for a job last Friday..hahah..yea..i know i know..i am going to school soon..n still i look for job..
well, if i get this job..(interview this monday),working hours will be 5.30 pm till 9.30 pm..
doing clerical and data entry job..not bad is minimum wage la..but least can cover some expenses for the school..

I know is going to be tough for me.. I pray hard GOD will give me all the strength i need in the world :)
will see how..if it works well, i am happy..if not.. i am happy too..either ways work for me! :)


mama bok said...

you know you can apply for welfare/subsidy right..?? there are government bodies in canada.. that can help you. Go to your nearest HR dept.. and find out what they can do for you .. and go soon.. coz' their fiscal year just started.
And take advantage of what UI can do for you .. go find out.. :)

G said...

congrats gene, hope the interview goes smoothly. u are very diligent lah, studying and some more wanna work evenings, wah I admire ur spirit!! But u go girl, u're still young, just do it!

Gene Lim said...

Mamabok: Hey mamabok, yea yea..i will ..thanks for the tips :) ..i am currently applying for OSAP ..government loan..and some work study program..thingy..hopefully that works out for me.. that it Unemployment insurance rite? umm..i think i am not qualify for that eh...i am not working also..isn't it u have to have worked for 40 hours or so.. something like that?

G: thanks G! well, i need some no choice lor... but somemore ..night time i got nothing to do okie la.. :)

Mama BoK said...

Gene, go up to your UI office.. and see what they can do for you. No harm trying.